10th – 19th May 1997

Belziger Kunsttage (Art Days in Belzig)

Could Art ….

Installations and Performances in the public space of Belzig

In May of 1997 for the festival BELZIGER KUNSTTAGE fifteen artists worked in the public space of the little district town of Belzig. In a dayly life situation the artists confronted the visitors of the 1000 year old city with their surprising and irritating art works. Along an art path through the city the visitors could find art for example in the tower of the castle, on the market place, in an old people´s home, in an ex-DDR restaurant and other unusual places. About this project a catalog was published.

Marek Chlanda, PL
Felix Hess, NL
Hans Peter Kuhn, D
Otis Laubert, SK
Ute Mahling, D
Fred Pommerhen, D/USA
Susken Rosenthal, D
Christine Schlegel, D
Andrea SunderPlassmann, D

Die Audio Gruppe/Benoit Maubrey D/USA
Hanna Frenzel, D
KlangFormArten, D
Eric Staller, NL/USA

Opening Speech
Christine Hoffmann, D

Catalog Text
Katja von der Bey

Artistic Director/Organization
Susken Rosenthal

Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur des Landes Brandenburg
Stiftung Kulturfonds
Stadtverwaltung Belzig
Landkreis Potsdam-Mittelmark
and private Sponsors