6th – 28th May 1995


Exhibitions and Performances in empty DDR-shops in the region of Potsdam-Mittelmark

villages: Baitz – Dahnsdorf – Goemnigk – Kranepuhl – Preussnitz – Ziezow

In 1995 the project KONSUM took place – a few years after the wall had fallen and the DDR time was still hanging in the air. Twenty artists were showing sitespecific installations in empty village stores,in six villages of the region Hoher Fläming. These socalled Konsum-shops had been a heritage of the socialist system. About this project a catalog was published.


Part 1:  6th to  14th May 1995Josefine Günschel
Hans Peter Kuhn
Dirk Lebahn
Benoit Maubrey
Susken Rosenthal
Hans-Martin Sewcz

Performance: Benoit Maubrey, Audio Ballerinas

Part 2:  20th to 28th May 1995

Anthony Beilby
Christine Hoffmann
Sibylle Hofter
Internationale Stadt
Thomas Kumlehn
K.C. Wedemeyer
Rolf Langebartels
Olga Maslo
Miro Zahra

Performance: Brian Catling