9th – 15th December 2003

EN ROUTE 2003 – Art for Drivers along European Roads

Part 2: Poland

Tymienieckiego Street in the City Lodz

EN ROUTE is an artist exchange project between Poland, Spain and Germany. Site-specific art installations will be presented along European roads in fall 2003.

The concept has been developed for motorists and other mobile art consumers. Themes such as dynamics, speed, perception and the fleeting glimpse are the central artistic themes.

The central interest of the participating organizations are the presentation of conceptual art in public spaces and international cooperation.

The last part of EN ROUTE is happening in Lodz organized by Galeria Wschodnia.

Scene of action for this stage is Tymienieckiego Street. This straight street starts from the representative center of Piotrkowska street and leads along former cloth factories, villas of the factory owners and workers homes ( a special historical relict of the polish, german, jewish, russion periods in Lodz), along the art book museum, along parks, fences and high trees out to the dwelling units of the socialist period.

En Route is a cooperation of
Kunstpflug e.V. (Baitz, Land Brandenburg)
Arte en Orbita (Zaragoza)
Galeria Wschodnia (Lodz)

Concept / Realization: Susken Rosenthal/Adam Klimczak



Teil III in Lodz

Goethe Institut Warschau
Urzad Miasta Lodzi
Fundacia Ulicy Piotrkowskiej
Muzeum Ksiazki Artystycznej
Galeria Wschodnia