9th March – 27th April 2008
t o r h a u s p r o j e k t e   part  1


Kunstpflug on the fortress Burg Eisenhardt, Bad Belzig

Installations by    Christian Hasucha     Sibylle Hofter     Jörg Schlinke    Norbert Radermacher

Curator: Susken Rosenthal

“Kaltstart” (cold start) became the first of a series of exhibitions that were realized in Burg Eisenhardt in Belzig. This medieval fortress became the first  indoor exhibition space for Kunstpflug during the years 2008 to 2010. The representative late gothic halls in the Torhaus (door house) were an ideal contrast for experimental and conceptual art exhibitions.

This pilot exhibition of the  t o r h a u s p r o j e k t e  showed works of 4 installation artists that are also members of Kunstpflug. They have been participating at several site-specific Kunstpflug-projects in public spaces such as En Route 2003 or Areale 1999.

This exhibition was realized only by means of Kunstpflug. Many thanks to the artists !