29th November 2009 – 15th February 2010

BELZIGER VOLKSPARTKETT – a social floor surface

an Installation by Barbara Caveng in the Church of Saint Mary in Bad Belzig

BELZIGER VOLKSPARKETT – a social floor covering, consists of materials of living culture from citizens of Bad Belzig and surroundings.

For several weeks Barbara Caveng collected hundreds of wooden donations of old furniture from the people. They documet the different phases of living culture from DDR-times up to contemporary IKA-furniture.
The wooden samples were all cut in the same panel shape through generous support by a local carpenter.
Then put together in the classical pattern of a parquet floor.
The work was realized in the frame of the project VOX POPULI, realized by Kunstpflug in summer 2009.

Thanks to
Victoria-Einrichtungen Belzig.